Magazine Highlights AEC’s Zero Impact System

As manufacturers clamor for custom handling solutions to improve speed, safety and elevated plant noise levels, the leading international trade magazine for the tube and pipe industries took notice of Automation Engineering Co.’s low- to no-impact system.

Tube & Pipe Technology magazine, which reaches 24,300 buyers, engineers and technologists, featured AEC in its November edition. AEC’s handling system was spotlighted within a special report on tube and pipe mills.

AEC has developed an all-electric, automated solution that requires little to no operator intervention, is environmentally friendly, and safely handles tube and pipe up to 6,500 pounds (2,9458 kg) and 20 inches (508 mm) in diameter. In the coming months a new plant for small diameter OCTG tubes will open in the Midwest using AEC’s zero impact system.

“Threaded connections, especially premium connections, must be carefully protected,” Manfred Gollent, president of AEC, told Tube & Pipe Technology. “Pipes are most vulnerable during finishing floor operations prior to the insertion of thread protectors. Collisions with equipment and other pipes must be avoided.”

In the article, Gollent describes how AEC’s system provides a cleaner, safer and more desirable work environment. With a zero impact handling system, equipment is also less prone to failure than traditional handling systems.

“Forces generated from pipe impact can easily exceed 10 times the normal static and dynamic forces of handling pipe. If shock and impact loading is not properly controlled by design, the equipment must handle these loads,” Gollent said in the magazine. “This requires heavier structural frames, larger diameter drive and rotating shafts, linkages, bearings, and couplings.”

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More than half (51%) of Tube & Pipe Technology’s readership is in Europe. North and South America, China & Taiwan and the rest of Asia each make up about 16% of the magazine’s global circulation.

Want to learn more? Watch this short video about how AEC safeguards pipe for the demands of horizontal underground drilling.