Automated Lubrication System Offers Unmatched Reliability

Bearing failures account for a small percentage of equipment breakdowns, but when they do, it can mean significant downtime. More than half of all bearing failures are due to lubrication problems and contamination. If you have hundreds or thousands of grease points within your finishing room, an automated lubrication system offers more uptime and increased reliability.

automated lubrication systemUnfortunately for some producers of tubular steel products, they are forced to shut down segments of their production lines for routine daily greasing. Armed with grease guns, maintenance personnel run the risk of overfilling the bearing cavities or applying too little grease. They also run the risk of applying the wrong lubricant.

Automation Engineering Co. felt there had to be a better way for pipe and tube manufacturers. Manual applications were replaced with signal-point lubrications. For example, 12 points were dialed into one, knocking thousands of grease points to a few hundred. Still, it wasn’t enough.

Today AEC installs an auto-lubrication system to its material handling equipment. It consists of two main lines, each independent of the other. If a lubrication point becomes blocked, the remainder of the system is not affected. The system can exceed 60 meters to accommodate large scale machinery and complex configurations.

The automatic greasing system can operate at high pressures, up to 7,000 psi. The flow of grease to bearings and bushings, however, is very slow to avoid blowouts. Ports can be installed to give precisely measured doses to each area. Since parts are lubricated while the equipment is in operation, there’s no downtime devoted to servicing. Manual greasing gives way to a visual inspection. And with less grease spills, the finishing floor becomes a safer work environment.

The Value of Automatic Lubrication

Decrease bearing and pivot point failures with an automatic lubrication system for your material handling equipment. For more details, contact AEC at 864-679-8024.