A 30-Year Story of Automation Precision

A 30-Year Story of Automation Precision

Founded in 1981, Automation Engineering Co. (AEC) has been designing and building customized automated industrial equipment for more than 30 years. During that time period, AEC has been blessed with solid growth and assembled an impressive team of highly-skilled employees while never compromising on the values that define our organization, namely a commitment to the highest standards of engineering excellence and serving the needs of our customers.

In 2009, AEC undertook a significant reorganization of its product portfolio to improve the level of service to our customers with cross-functional project teams – hand-selecting the best talent for each project. These multi-disciplinary teams work together with the customer to develop and implement optimal solutions.

With a newly established organization, Automation Engineering Co. saw another change on the horizon: the tremendous expansion of gas and oil exploration. We recognized a critical niche in the OCTG market for high-speed, integrated material handling systems to maximize throughput and optimize finishing room productivity.

It was a space for AEC to flourish, bringing a unique project approach to an industry largely served by a “one-size-fits-all” mentality. Our culture of collaboration, commitment to the highest standards of excellence and penchant for intelligent, innovative design allowed us to seize the opportunity and become an emerging global resource for premium tube and pipe producers.

Today, the highly skilled team of engineers, machinists, welders and fabricators at Automation Engineering Co. design and build some of the most intelligent, low impact, fully-integrated material handling systems in the OCTG market. We are responsive, collaborative and innovative. We stay solutions-focused for our customers, thinking beyond materials handling to data collection and performance management. It allows us to help customers become remarkably more productive, efficient and environmentally-focused.