Automation Engineering Corporation Behind Every Machine

Behind Every Machine

The foundation of Automation Engineering Corp’s success is its employees: talented, passionate, driven individuals with an eye for precision and a commitment to the highest standards of engineering for finishing room material handling equipment.

Behind every solution we custom build, we assemble a cross-functional team of engineers, machinists, welders, fabricators and assemblers who work collaboratively with each other and hands-on with the customer. In our 30-year history, AEC has built a team of the sharpest engineering minds in the country covering a multitude of disciplines and degrees, including PE, Masters and PhD. AEC’s seasoned project managers average 20 years of industry experience and we continually attract exceptional new talent.

The “can-do” attitude, flexibility and adaptability of our employees allows us to design and build the most intelligent, fully-integrated material handling systems on the OCTG market, taking precision automation equipment solutions to new levels.