About Automation Engineering Finishing Room

Finishing Room Productivity Begins with AEC

From the front door to the shipping dock, each industrial facility is different. Whether working from new site plans or within an existing plant with physical restraints, Automation Engineering Co. finds a way to reduce congested zones, reconfigure underutilized areas and improve material flow.

Our team is experienced in advanced automation controls and industrial engineering. All finishing room should be easily accessible, fundamentally safe, and flexible with the expansion or elimination of cells or equipment. We can perform a production flow analysis to examine both product and processing requirements, delivering maximum performance for our clients.

Leading edge manufacturers within the tube and pipe industry seek continuous improvement in the areas of health, safety and environmental performance. A significant component to any interconnected manufacturing facility, warehouse or distribution center is that it is a rational and reliable working environment. Our facility layout designs accomplish this objective, while our pipe mill finishing equipment is constructed using the highest quality materials and technologies.

Beyond the economic benefits of our low impact handling system design improvement process, and the reliability of our solid machine design concepts, what sets AEC apart is our collaborative approach with our customers to deliver an effective custom-built solution.

AEC is a 30-year-old story of precision automation engineering solutions. When it comes to finishing room productivity, start with AEC.