Mechanical Engineering

With decades of shared experience and equipment placed throughout the world, AEC’s mechanical engineers design and fabricate heavy industrial machinery, packaging/palletizing solutions, lift, process and threading tables, conveyor systems and automated material handling systems for a broad scope of industries. Engineered and assembled to the highest standards of quality, our machinery is designed to optimize workflow, minimize operator intervention, boost productivity and ensure workplace safety.

20120321_AEC_15468As a mechanical engineering resource to many of the leading industrial companies in the Southeast, AEC understands the importance of adaptable, user-friendly design. Our work provides easy accessibility and greatly simplifies all aspect of equipment maintenance. Equipment designed and fabricated by AEC from over 25 years ago is still in operation today.

In addition to mechanical engineering and design, AEC also provides in-house manufacturing of our custom machinery. We also oversee the installation process, logistics planning, site preparation and millwright services. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, fully customized solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing facility.

We have designed and fabricated custom machinery for a wide variety of industries and applications worldwide, including:

  • Automated equipment for the bonding, riveting, fastening and welding processes
  • Material handling systems for automotive paint, interior assembly and mating
  • Integrated machinery for tire production
  • Tube and pipe conveyor systems
  • Hydrostatic tester systems
  • Threading tables
  • Turning rollers
  • Process tables

At Automation Engineering Co., engineering is more than just a title – it’s our passion. We enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect mechanical solution for any industrial problem. From meaningful collaboration to problem solving to elegant and innovative design, we create machinery that transforms the way your plant operates.