Automation Engineering Corporation Services


Engineering Services

With more than 30 years of experience working with world-class manufacturers, Automation Engineering Co. can provide mechanical design, controls design, project review and troubleshooting, FEED studies, and plant engineering support services. Our engineers discover ways to streamline production, improve turnaround and reduce costs.

AEC originated in the field of system controls, automation and integration. Our controls engineers provide world-class solutions for the operator interface up to fully automated plant controls and production performance information systems. Our HMIs are intuitive and user friendly while our information system can provide specific need to know data for the operator, supervisor, maintenance manager or plant manager alike.

When it comes to mechanical engineering, our engineers cover multiple disciplines, including hydrostatic and pneumatic systems, powertrain systems, polymer and polymeric composites, electromagnetic and electrostatic methods, robotics, modeling and simulation. AEC’s expertise can be used in the tube and pipe industry, as well as other industrial sectors.

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Automation Engineering Co. offers operator training programs on all its material handling solutions and machinery so you get the maximum performance out of your equipment. Your operators can be trained on the controls and operating system, how to monitor controls, safely load and unload bulk materials, how to shut down and secure equipment, and how to maintain the machinery in good working condition. Our training includes general and machine specific safety issues.

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Maintenance & Repair

As the designer and builder of your material handling equipment, our experienced engineers and technicians know how to optimize your machinery, define appropriate spare parts, and provide preventive maintenance solutions to minimize unscheduled downtime. Automation Engineering Co. can supply emergency spares, replacement parts, retrofits and upgrades to your equipment.

Take the guesswork out of it. Whether you need technical support or replacement parts, call on AEC.

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