About Automation Engineering Zero Impact

Zero Impact Finishing Room Handling Systems

Improved drilling techniques, such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, are reaching greater vertical depths. As the technology grows in complexity, the OCTG industry has called for high-tech premium threads and more durable pipes and assemblies.

What Automation Engineering Co. offers is protection. Through its finishing room handling system modules, individual pipe is carefully handled with zero impact, avoiding potential damage to threaded ends. AEC’s handling system safeguards pipe and also substantially reduces finishing room noise, optimizes cycle time, minimizes environmental impact and eliminates many inherent safety hazards.

Additional advantages of the zero impact handling system are:

  • Reduced energy consumption through on demand system design
  • Lower maintenance cost based on a fully engineered system design
  • Fully integrated process control
  • Extensive OEE visualization and reporting
  • Preventive maintenance information
  • Predominantly electric actuator driven system (no hydraulic liquids)

AEC handling systems can fully integrate with most CNC lathe and process equipment manufacturers due to its flexible IO design and independently functioning system controls. The modular design offers total flexibility in designing the process flow for any given process layout or plant constraints.

With an AEC finishing room handling system, the future is now.