In the aerospace industry, every component and part has a distinct role, and it’s critical that each is placed in proper position as deliberately and efficiently as possible. At AEC, our integrated material handling systems are designed and manufactured to quickly and precisely move components through the fixturing, welding and testing processes. Our expertise in integrating complex production configurations ensures that your facility reaches maximum controlled speed, quality and operational performance in a safe environment.

Founded in 1981, Greenville, SC-based Automation Engineering Co. has collaborated with major manufacturers, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers throughout the Southeast on complex and fully customized solutions. With a special focus on speed, quality, safety and design, AEC has the depth of talent, the in-house resources and a speed-to-market culture that today’s most innovative manufacturers seek in a long-term partnership.

For the aerospace industry, what sets AEC apart is a culture of engagement.

Very little about our work is an off-the-shelf solution. Instead, our engineering team places high value on the opportunity to work peer-to-peer to understand customer objectives at a granular level. We work in a spirit of collaboration to develop solutions that blend simplicity, originality and innovation.

World-class manufacturers continue to look to South Carolina for high-quality, cost-effective solutions that enable them to compete on the international stage. This same mindset has driven AEC for over 35 years. We routinely work with challenging project timelines, managing installations to meet plant requirements. Our teams bring a reputation for staying on the job until the conveyance system is perfectly integrated into your workflow.

Automation Engineering provides industrial automation equipment for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Conveyors
  • Transfer Systems
  • Process Tables
  • Packaging/Palletizing
  • Identification Systems
  • Operator Controls
  • Lift Tables