Engineering services for every industrial automation challenge.

AEC’s engineering team specializes in the design and fabrication of heavy industrial machinery, packaging/palletizing solutions, lift, process and threading tables, conveyor systems, automated material handling equipment, and more. These engineered solutions are designed to optimize workflow, minimize operator intervention, enhance productivity, and ensure workplace safety. In short, we help transform the way your plant operates.


Engineering consulting services.

AEC offers engineering consulting services in three key areas: automation strategy, specification development, and risk analysis.


Automation Strategy

We employ a highly structured methodology that slows us to develop individualized automation strategies for each unique project. This carefully executed process allows us to identify high-value opportunities that support defined automation objectives.

Specification Development

Our responsive team offers comprehensive support in the development of specifications for new automation systems, helping you to define design requirements based on a clear understanding of your operational, work process, and budgetary objectives.

Risk Analysis

We conduct comprehensive risk analyses that address the safety of your automation systems, and identify potential safety and operational risks, to help you ensure the safety of your automation systems.

Adaptability, reliability, sustainability: hallmarks of AEC design.

AEC understands the importance of adaptable, user-friendly designs. Our solutions offer proven reliability and easy maintenance to facilitate continuous operations. Equipment that was designed and fabricated by AEC more than 25 years ago is still in operation today.


Comprehensive, fully customized services.

Throughout the lifecycle of every project, AEC’s engineering team oversees the development of customized solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing facility. The team is also involved in all aspects of AEC operations from in-house fabrication and manufacturing, to contract manufacturing services, logistics planning, site preparation, millwright activities, assembly, and installation.


Custom machinery for many applications.

AEC’s engineering teams have designed and fabricated custom machinery for a wide variety of industries and applications worldwide:


  • Automated Equipment for Bonding, Riveting, and Fastening
  • Automated Welding Systems
  • Automated Assembly Systems
  • Material Handling and Palletizing
  • Tire Production Machinery
  • Custom Bar Feeders
  • Tube and Pipe Conveyance Systems
  • Threading Tables
  • And much, much more