Greenville, SC — November 2020

Automation Engineering Company (AEC) is proud to become a distributor for the Doosan cobot line. As cobots have become a significant part of the manufacturing workspace, AEC has positioned itself to provide its customers with the most advanced cobots on the market. The line of Doosan cobots is designed to readily integrate into a broad range of manufacturing applications, including:

  • CNC machine tending
  • Pick and place
  • Air blowing
  • Assembly
  • Polishing and deburring
  • Gluing and bonding
  • Plastic injection mold assistance
  • Packaging and palletizing
  • Press forming assistance
  • Inspection
  • Welding

Cobots are rapidly changing the automation landscape with their ease of deployment, flexibility, and safety features. For more information, please contact Automation Engineering Company at 864-679-8024, or visit