Doosan Cobots

Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are ushering in the next leap of robot adoption for factories, and Doosan is leading the way in Cobot technology with three series – the M-Series, the A-Series, and the H-Series. With a number of models from which to choose, there is a Doosan Cobot that is right for your application.

Master+ Safety

The high-tech torque sensor is capable of detecting subtle force changes of up to 0.2 N, providing the best collision sensitivity level for safety in the industry.

Master+ Force Control

Six high-tech torque sensors capable of sophisticated tasks contribute to high-level force control and compliance control.

Master+ Work Management

With Workcell Manager, which is included in the Teach Pendant, the operator can easily manage complex, difficult workspace.

Master+ Setup

The Smart Setup function allows quick system installation and immediate operation, as it automatically measures inclination angles, tool position and weight.

A+ Safety

The advanced safety algorithm ensures the safety beyond the limits of current-based collision detection technology.

A+ Speed

The high-end hardware, created by Doosan’s world class technology, promises quick and flawless performance on any task with the highest speed in the industry along with the remarkable acceleration.

A+ Customization

Customers have a choice of High-tech force sensor model for more delicate tasks requiring human like dexterity.


Reduced cycle time and excellent cost-effectiveness promises the shortest time for your ROI.

High+ Payload

Features the astonishing payload, capable of easily handling heavy objects of up to 20 kg.

High+ Safety

Guarantees superb operator safety, ensured with the industry’s best collision sensitivity based on six torque sensors and a gravity compensation algorithm.

High+ Flexibility

Boasts more flexible workspace settings with easy on-site robot repositioning along with easy ARM linking and installation made possible with a weight half that of collaborative robots in the same class.

High+ Productivity

Maximize efficiency and productivity with the reduced cycle time and excellent cost-effectiveness, capable of a return on investment in the shortest amount of time.