Finishing room productivity begins with AEC
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Automation Engineering Co. is a leading provider of industrial automation equipment for manufacturing companies worldwide. At AEC, we seek to reduce equipment maintenance cost, optimize energy efficiency, improve operator safety and minimize operational noise in the machinery we design, install and support. With more than 30 years of experience, our engineers are proficient in providing high-end industrial automation systems for various industries, with a specialty focus on the handling equipment of tube, pipe, bar and profiles.

AEC designs, manufactures and installs complete industrial automated equipment – each system tailor-made to your specific requirements. Not only does AEC provide great custom material handling equipment, our engineers offer exceptional support that is unmatched in our industry. AEC offer a variety of industrial automation products, such as transfer systems, threading tables, conveyor systems, turning rollers, process tables, gravity skids and shaker bars, and a lot more.

While AEC has worked with the largest steel producers serving the oil and gas industries, our industrial automation expertise is not in tubular products alone. We have an extensive history of serving manufacturing companies in the automotive, mining and metals, textile and composites and tire and rubber industries. Our unique, widespread experience has led to some of the most innovative, award-winning industrial automation machinery in the marketplace today.

If reliable automation products are important to your manufacturing company, and you seek to enhance controlled speed and efficiency, please contact us. Let us build you a faster and more efficient way to handle industrial manufacturing processes.